The World Today

This world today is vastly different from it was even 10 years ago.  This country is farther away from God than it has EVER been before.  Families are falling apart.  Children are being raised alone, without guidance to know what is right and what is wrong.  Same sex marriage was upheld by the highest court in the land.

Family is what makes a society work.  When our families are destroyed the culture will be destroyed.  This has begun to happen in our country and many countries the world over.  Marriage began declining in the 1970’s and unfortunately it has never looked back at the wake it has left in its path.

Some say children are resilient and will bounce back.  We don’t buy it.  Maybe a rare exception.  But children are HURTING.  And not only are we allowing it, we’re the ones DOING it!!

Unfortunately, many of our Christian homes don’t look much different from homes in the world.  Single parent homes, rebellious children…my brothers (and sisters) this shouldn’t be!

And this is why we are here.  We’ve been through hard places in life.  We’ve taken some stands that have not always been easy to take, we’ve had fantastic seasons in our life together, and we’ve had tough seasons when the only thing that got us through was the commitment we made standing before God, and our friends and family.

We think we have something to offer.  We think we can offer something different from what is being done.

Different than mediocre marriages, divorce between believers, parents, but not only parents, but Christian parents, that don’t want to be around their children.

We desire to help you have a marriage that sizzles.  A marriage where you can’t wait for your spouse to get home.  A home where your children are respectful, responsible and FUN to be around!  And YOU want to spend time with them.

You see dear readers, we’ve done that.  Lest you’re thinking that we’re gonna sit here and tell you how perfect we are, let us assure you, we’re not  THAT  blogger.  You know the one, the one where life is always perfect.  The children that always look pristine, never get a scratch on them.  There are never raised voices.  The children always obey the first time, and never sass.  Naw! We’re not THAT family!

We will be REAL with you.  We will be TRANSPARENT with you.  We will be VULNERABLE with you.  And we will tell it like it is.

Why don’t you click the button to follow us as we begin this journey.  Come along for the ride and see where the Lord takes us…

Shane and Christy


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