Confessions of a Sinner. Forgiveness Given, Freedom Found

I went back to this to find some definitions from a Christian man’s perspective:

1828 dictionary

To forgive: “To pardon; to remit; as an offense or debt; to overlook an offense, and treat the offender as not guilty.”

To Repent:  “To feel pain, sorrow, or regret for something done or spoken; as to repent that we have lost much time in idleness or sensual pleasure; to repent that we have injured or wounded the feelings of a friend.  A person repents only of what he ha said or done.”

to Apologize: “to make excuse for”

There have been, on occasion, (ok, truly, way more times than I’d like to admit) times that I have been ugly.  That I have said things or done things that have hurt others.  I have sinned.  There have been times others have said or done things that have hurt me.

Sometimes I don’t readily forgive as I should.  Sometimes I don’t readily repent as I should, as a side note, do you notice the definition for apologize?  “Make an EXCUSE.” No!  That’s not what I wanted.  I want to feel pain, sorrow or regret at what I’ve done!

Tweet this: That’s not what I wanted. I want to feel pain, sorrow or regret at what I’ve done!
Recently, I was given a challenge of sorts, from God?  Could have been. But it was something very clear.

Maybe I had not fully forgiven some folks that had offended me in my life.

So I made a list.

I wrote:

I forgive ________ (entered their name) for __________. (entered offense)

Friends, that list is pretty lengthy.

I did this because of what we did with Malachi many years ago,

I transcribed a letter written to his birth-mother, A letter forgiving her.

And he was FREE!

He was free of anger!  Anger so deep.  Anger you can’t imagine.  Especially for a 3-year-old.  He’d had it pretty much since birth.

I long to be FREE!

I want to find freedom.

Oh, not that I don’t have it, to a degree.

But I want to find FULL, AMAZING Freedom.

I long to put away bitterness

I long for my heart to be free

So I forgive and I’m forgiven.


“forgive, and you will be forgiven” Luke 6:37

“For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you”  Matthew 6:14

And freedom is found.

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed”  John 8:36 ESV

Shane and Christy

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One thought on “Confessions of a Sinner. Forgiveness Given, Freedom Found

  1. What a beautiful reminder. It’s astonishing that, despite the freedom we have in Christ, we often choose to still live in chains. And all we need to do is claim His freedom, not only for eternity, but for right now. Thank you for the beautiful reminder.

    -Eryn {Visiting from five-minute-fridays, spot #56}


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